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Find out what ‘Exactly’ what Linn Exakt can do for you –


Saturday 24th January 2015

Why not come along  to our exciting Linn Exakt event where we’ll be presenting the ground-breaking technology of Exakt; it’s a new revolution in hifi. Each event will showcase our three  complete Exakt systems, Klimax, Akurate Akubarik abd Akurate Akudorik.

You will  discover how Linn Exakt technology eliminates distortion, corrects for variation between drive units and can be optimised for your room, your furnishings and your speaker location, ensuring a musical performance that’s personalised just for you. And if you’re already a Linn DS owner, there’s never been a better time to move to Linn  Exakt.

With  Linn’s  current offer you can now upgrade your existing Klimax or Akurate DS or DSM to the new and improved DSM with Exakt Link connections.* *This offer closes on 9th February. Terms & conditions apply.


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