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Experience Sound as never before with IsoTek Power Filters

IsoTek Power Filters

IsoTek has redesigned its legendary Nova mains conditioner to create the ultimate single-box cleanpower component to service large, multi-component audio and AV systems.

Evolved from the circuits of the original, multiaward-winning GII Nova that launched more than a decade ago, the new EVO3 Nova boasts no fewer than 12 independently filtered power sockets – eight medium-current outlets for front-end components such as disc players, servers, processors and preamps, and four high-current outlets for power amps, subwoofers and active speakers.

The high-current outlets incorporate an adapted version of the Direct-Coupled technology from IsoTek’s mighty EVO3 Titan mains conditioner, delivering fully optimised, low-impedance power with a maximum continuous output of 3,680W.

The remaining eight outputs benefit from IsoTek’s Adaptive Gating circuitry, which auto-senses the load to provide the ideal clean-power environment for all connected components.

The new Nova also features KERP (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path), a technology developed for IsoTek’s latest EVO3 generation of products. KERP ensures equal resistance and power delivery to all outlets, providing a pure, coherent signal path throughout the unit.

The EVO3 Nova not only filters out incoming common-mode and differential-mode mains noise, it also stops cross-contamination of differential-mode noise between connected audio and AV components. No two outlets are connected directly and every outlet has its own independent filter network, effectively operating as twelve power conditioners in one box.

Silver-plated OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper wiring and IsoTek’s VAD (Virtual Air Dielectric) technology ensure the electrical signal remains pure and unrestricted, while a massive 135,000A of instantaneous, sequential and repeatable protection safeguards valuable equipment against the impact of power spikes and surges.

Peter, Owner at Rococo Systems said “where customers are expecting the highest sound quailty from their systems they have invested in, they can some times be let down simply by the power sockets they have attached their equipment too! Fluctuations in power throughout your household can cause power spikes in your systems reducing your audio experience. Isotek’s power filter is one of the best power filters I have ever used and has made a dramatic difference to our own equipment.”

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