Caring For Your Records

Vinyl records are, by their nature, fragile and need a little help from time to time. We need to maintain them to keep them alive as long as possible and playing beautifully from start to finish.

Cleaning Your Record

  • The Milty vinyl cleaning range includes a specially formulated cleaning tape, a dry system that lifts dust and micro-particles from the record’s surface without damaging it.
  • The range also includes incredibly soft cleaning pads and brushes for ongoing maintenance.

Reducing Static

  • Look at the way you store your records. The Exstatic Record Sleeves are designed to eliminate static from your vinyls, reducing interference during play.
  • Milty also do specially designed anti-static preservative sprays, which extend the life of your beloved vinyls by reducing the natural friction between stylus and groove.
  • Finally, the  Zerostat 3 incorporates a unique Piezo Crystal device which generates a positive electrical charge of Ions with on gentle squeeze of the trigger, and a negative charge on the material. Constructed from a durable hard plastic, it requires no batteries or refills and is a long lasting alternative to cleaning brushes.

Rococo Systems

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