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Book a Klimax DSM Demo now!

Just a reminder to all the Linn enthusiasts out there: The Klimax DSM is available for demo now! To be one of the first to see and hear this fantastic system, book your demo with Rococo Systems now, just call us on: 0207 454 1234

The only true way to appreciate the difference a Linn system can make is to arrange and book a demonstration. Our demo room replicates a real living space within your home. You can relax and either bring your own music preference or choose from our library of thousands of Linn Records and indulge in an experience that will really make choosing Linn system (such as the incredible Klimax DSM) a much more informed decision.

Our new Demo Room has just been completed with the latest from Linn letting you experience the ultimate demonstration from the worlds leading company in audio perfection.

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