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AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY Audio Server


The new AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY server has been optimized for audio ripping and storage and ready to serve network playback devices such as Linn, Sonos and many other network audio players. streaming to ‘mobile’ devices is simple too!

The newly designed, affordable AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY is created from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminium. Precision engineered in their own factory to exacting standards, the AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY will fit perfectly with any high end audio system.


§ Whisper quite operation (<8dBA)
§ Available in 1TB and 2TB Capacities
§ Very low power consumption (approx 15W)
§ Low profile – 332(W) x 185(D) x 54(H)mm
§ Extremely high quality seamless aluminium chassis
§ Very simple to use – just insert CD
§ Lifetime subscription to premium GD3 meta data
§ Front ‘health status’ indicator
§ Quick backup to external USB HDD option
§ Designed, made and supported from UK

How it works

The AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY is simple to setup just plug in the power and network cables and once the health status is green you are ready you can begin ripping.
§ Insert your chosen music CD* into the AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY slot loader and all the track information / album art you could wish for is quickly retrieved from our premium metadata providers
§ The digital uncompressed music files are copied in their highest quality format (FLAC)
§ The music files are then copied and optionally down converted to a high quality MP3 format ready for portable playback devices or web streaming (original FLAC files are still stored), they can be stored in ALAC too!
The copy process takes approximately 4-5 minutes depending on the CD and once completed the disks automatically ejects.

Connecting to the server

If you want to optimize the server’s settings for example what formats it stores the music in and where then simply access the servers web pages.
To connect the server to playback devices vary from product to product but all follow the same guidelines, they will discover the server and you need to point the playback device to the appropriate folder where the music files are that are in a playable format for the particular player you are using.

Getting technical

All though the AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY server is designed to be simple there is lots of technology behind its simple to use interface, but you don’t have to worry – it’s simplicity itself to use. If you’d like to learn more about the advanced setting – just click Technical Setup Guide
The system provides numerous media servers / services

§ DLNA devices (100’s already in the market – i.e. Xbox, PS3, Linn, Philips, and many more)
§ Roku
§ iTunes
§ Samba

You can store approximately 3500 CD’s per 1TB. With the 1TB model this means that you could store over 3500 CD albums.

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