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Arcam rCube, the Audiophile I-Pod Dock


The portable Arcam rCube is powerful enough for a party, but engineered to deliver exceptional clarity at low volume. It has the cutting-edge technology and manufacturing excellence you expect from arcam. You can carry your Arcam rCube with you from room to room – music that follows you wherever you want to go.

Hear your favourite radio station in hi-fidelity sound, listen to your music or radio while cooking, lolling in your armchair, or relaxing in the bath in the house, in the office, outside in the garden, even on a picnic. The rCube’s powerful battery eliminates the need for messy wires – it’s as easy a mobile phone to recharge.

You can connect the Arcam rCube to an extra audio source via the aux input and output video from files stored on your iPod or iPhone when it is docked.



  • Cube to cube streaming
  • Integral carry handle
  • Charging dock
  • Full remote control
  • Long playing rechargeable battery
  • Multiple steaming (up to 8 cubes)
  • PC streaming (RWave dongle required)
  • iPod streaming (RWand dongle required)
  • Video connection (accessory cable required)


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