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Fyne’s F1-8 deliver a terrific combination of dynamic punch, rhythmic precision and insight.

The year of 2020 has been a rocky road for the best of us. With the ups and downs that the coronavirus pandemic has caused, it’s been hard for most businesses to get back on their feet and perform as they normally would.

Some businesses, on the other hand, have performed to the maximum this year. For example the recently established audio brand, Fyne Audio, have dominated the hi-fi magazine market for 2020.

Fyne Audio are a fairly new audio manufacturer, in fact they was only established in 2017. However the people who are behind the scenes have many years of experience, and it shows when you listen to their speakers. Whats more, in comparison other speaker brands, Fyne Audio offers an unrivalled value for money throughout their range.

Fyne Audio have a good variety of loud speakers ranging from smaller bookshelf speakers to larger floor standing ones. All of their speakers offer various outstanding features including their unique inventions of Fyne Flute Drivers and IsoFlare technologies.

From there great range of loud speakers the one that is taking the spotlight today is the F1-8 Stand Mount Speaker. Overnight this phonemail speaker has received a 5 star review from the trustworthy What Hifi Review Site, and it’s to no surprise!


Part of the flagship F1 series, the F1-8 represents the pinnacle of Fyne Audios long standing audio experience and engineering expertise in the Hi-Fi industry. Designed, manufactured and hand finished at Fyne Audios HQ in Glasgow, the F1-8 represents state of the art UK loudspeaker design.

Fyne Audio’s iconic IsoFlare driver is a point source system whereby the bass/midrange driver shares a common centre with the high frequency unit. Offering outstanding stereo imaging of axis, energy is radiated isotropically with constant directivity following the flare of the driver cone. Sound is produced from a single point, providing a truly time aligned wave front.


At the base of the wooden cabinet there is an aluminium plinth. This is home to the BassTrax cone diffuser. The downward facing port fires at this diffuser, with the sound spreading 360 degrees into the room. This makes the speakers less fussy about room placement.

The quality of sound from any stand mount speaker is reliant on its method of support. Fyne Auido have taken no chances here! Supplying a dedicated stand that with a change of top plate also works with the smaller F1-5s too.

At just 47cm in height these speakers definitely work better in smaller rooms. However, provide them with bigger stand mounters a bit of space to breathe and they work a treat, even in larger rooms.

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Overall the audio performance, the build and the compatibility of these beautiful speakers is what brought What Hi-Fi to leave the outstanding review that they have. You can check out the full review here –

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