Linn Trade In

Have you thought about trading in your Linn system?

Have you thought about using your Linn Equipment as Part Exchange to an Upgrade?

Using your existing Linn components is a great way of upgrading your Linn Hi fi. Even after 40 years your cherished Linn products will nearly always have a value.

We accept the following:

  • All Linn Speakers
  • Linn Amplifiers
  • Linn DS Players
  • Linn Kontrols
  • Linn CD Players
  • Linn Turntables

You can bring in or send us your equipment to us where our Linn experts will give you a value to your item against against the Linn items you wish to purchase. We accept trade ins from all over the world.

Why not give us a call today to discuss trading in your existing system.

You will be surprised…