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The Gemini offers a cost effective upgrade ideally designed for basic two box audio or audio visual systems. Featuring the same award winning filter network as EVO3 Polaris. 

IsoTek Evo3 Gemini This is the next generation of the discovery series which benefits from the same award winning filtering network as the EVO3 Polaris. The only difference between them is that in the Gemini holds just two output sockets rated at 10A. Plus its been specifically designed for a simple two box audio / audio-visual systems.
The great thing about the Evo3 Gemini is that it has the ability to remove common mode and differential mode mains noise. This means the product can offer immaculate power to its outlets which contain any mixtures of noise interference from other technology in the same connection. Due to its compact size of just 243mm in length, 80mm in width and 45mm in height this stunning product is suitable to fit into any interior. No matter where its placed, whether you would prefer it in between your speakers or underneath your television the sound is guaranteed to be of highest quality. Featuring two single outlets who each report back to the central PCB. Containing a unique delta filter topology to ensure class leading filtration from both common mode and differential mode mains noise. Resulting in clean power to two outlets of which are independently isolated preventing cross contamination of mains noise.
  • Removes common mode and differential mode mains noise
  • Radio frequency interference reduction
  • Simple plug and play set up
  • Features star earthing
  • Compact for choice of placement
  • 13,500 amps of instantaneous protection
  • Complete audio or AV system suited
  • Available in UK WU US AU CH and ZA sockets
  • IsoTek award winning technology
  • Budget-friend
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Additional information

Type of outlets


Number of outlets

10A IEC C14

Mains voltage

100-240VA 50-60Hz

Maximum current


Total wattage



80 x 45 x 243mm (W x H x D)