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Linn Series 3

Linn Series 3 Speaker


The best sounding wireless speaker in the world.

Linn Series 3 Speaker 

The Best Sounding Wireless Speaker in The World

Plug and play wherever you may be with Linn Series 3 Speaker.  The Wireless Linn Series 3 Speaker is the newest edition to Linn’s high end speaker range. With the current climate serving us with on the go lifestyles, Linn have had to adapt to the change by creating a speaker that can accompany you everywhere.  This elegant, contemporary, wireless speaker distills the best of Linn’s new technologies and expertise into a compact aesthetically pleasing design. Built in the UK and featuring trickle down technology, the Series 3 uses Linn’s state of the art exakt technology and on-board amplifications.

The Aesthetics: 

The unusual looking shape of the speaker grabs your attention before even hearing the sound quality it has to offer. Although the bizarre shape is slightly influenced by its sophisticated curves, they are also the feature which manages to help the speaker blend in with home and office environments. Just like most of Linns’ recent speakers, on the top of the unit there is a glass touch control plate, lit up by 100 LEDs to indicate volume control and for viewing the status of the speaker. There are also six numbered pre-sets for your favourite content. These pre-sets can also activate functions when pressed in different sequences, offering a simpler and more personalised listening experience. 

Easy To Use: 

It may feel quite strange knowing that Linn are diversifying from their traditional bulk set systems and converting them to the more modern plug in and go. Perhaps you was quite surprised with this new system as it is vey much unlike there usual releases. Well, we were certainly wrong! Linn have shown us up by managing to remain within the same quality of sound as their traditional systems offer, but at a much lighter cost and setup time. 

The Linn Series 3 is one of the easiest Linn products to set up. Within seconds of unboxing all you have to do is plug into the mains and then stream your favourite tracks directly from your listening sources including Spotify, Tidal and Bluetooth. To make life even easier, Linn has developed a new, modern feature of voice control. With this you are able to command to your Series 3, which will then respond to the command by completing the action. 


The speaker also features a HDMI ARC enabling you to watch your favourite movies and TV shows with the same sound quality you hear from the music you love. 

Multi Room System

Like all of Linns products the Series 3 has the ability to turn one speaker into a complete surround sound system. You can do this by connecting multiple series 3 speakers around the home and playing them synchronised with each other or individually performing different tracks in each room. Linn has designed a Series 3 Partner speaker especially for this. Offering the same design and concept just with less functionality meaning you are only able to use it alongside the main Series 3, not alone. Check out the Partner Speaker here!

Stereo System

The speaker sounds incredible just by itself. But Linn has worked to submerge the idea of having two and creating a stereo pair for an experience like no other. The perfectly sized speakers are ideal for sitting either side of your TV on a cabinet, for an invisible HDMI cable to be connected, so your TV can sound better than ever before.

Easy To Install

The great thing about the Series 3 is that you wont need to pay for a specialist to come out and install it for you. All you have to do is plug it in, choose the song you wish to play and listen to it like never before! You will be listening to your favourite tracks in no time! Linn has designed it like this so you can move it around to wherever you like. For example, if you are working in the study during the day you may have it sitting next to you on your desk, but then in the evening your family are attending for dinner, you can transfer it to the kitchen and know the sound quality won’t decrease. 


Linn have developed a wifi functioning control app that allows you to play your favourite tracks straight from your mobile phone. Providing simple access to high quality music from sources such as Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz.

  Create playlists of your favourite tracks and save them all in one place —  Play the songs you love most and listen to every detail —  Search a live platform of thousands of tracks for any song you wish to hear —  Easy access to multi room functionality —  Available on  iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

Key Features

  Digital Streaming via WiFi and Bluetooth   Connect to TV via HDMI ARC —  Exakt Technology   On-board Application —  Connect a partner speaker to create a stereo system Contact us Here

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Additional information




On Board


2 Exakt Links Input

Space Optimisation


On Board Amps

2 x 100W Class-D


Exakt linear phase digital

Bass System

Augmented infinite baffle

Drive Units

Tweeter : 19mm silk dome
Bass/Mid : 160 mm long throw

Cabinet Finishing

White mineral casting

Grille Finishing


Cabinet Volume

6.5 litres


W: 250mm, H: 296mm, D: 206mm