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Silver Balanced Interconnect Cable – 50m drum


The Linn Silver balanced interconnect cable is Linns highest performing interconnect cable

Silver Balanced Interconnect Cable

The Linn Silver balanced interconnect cable is our highest performing yet . If your audio equipment has high quality balanced inputs and outputs, this will let you hear just how much better this can sound than an ‘unbalanced’ interconnection. In addition to the internal balanced conductors it has a double shield, providing electrical noise screening from mains frequencies up to hundreds of MHz. It is silent cable in every sense and will reveal the best performance from the highest quality balanced audio products. It is particularly worthwhile for longer cable runs, for example to power amplifiers located near loudspeakers, or to power integrated active loudspeakers.

Key features

  • Balanced cable
  • Double layer braided and foil shielding for excellent screening from mains frequencies
  • 30-strand copper conductor
  • Outer diameter 7.6 mm
  • Available in 1.2 m pairs, terminated with XLR connectors
  • Also available in custom lengths from Linn Specialists
This cable does not come terminated if you would like this cable terminated please call 01277 890 888 for further details. Find us on Facebook at Rococo Systems and Design Contact us Here

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