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23 Jun 2012

Beyerdynamic Noise Cancelling Headphones

The new noise cancelling Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones deliver a balanced, precision sound, but this time with a fully closed back construction. This design envelops you in a private space for your personal audio enjoyment. If you are a recording artist, or if you just want to keep the audio sensation to yourself, then the DT 770’s are the model for you. Why Use Noise Cancelling...

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22 Jun 2012

Linn Turntables Explained

Introduced in 1972, the Sondek LP12 was Linn’s first product and helped demonstrate that the most important element in any quality music system is the source of the music itself. Launched at a time when amplifiers and loudspeakers were seen as being most critical to the performance of any system, the Sondek LP12 showed that extracting more information from the record itself was the most...

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29 May 2012


With so many different sources of sound in the modern home, you need a music system that gets the best out of everything you listen to. Hear the difference Linn can make to your favourite music, movies, TV and games at a special music event near you. Enjoy iTunes, You Tube, Spotify, Netflix and other online services through Linn’s new range of DSM systems. Come...

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