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Linn Klimax Solo 800 {front View}

Linn Klimax Solo 800


Linn Klimax Solo 800 Two Wrongs Can Never Make a Right. Putting together a high-end, hi-fi separates system is often a subjective task beset with compromise. So with speakers and electronics constantly swapped out until an ideal combination is reached. Pairing an imperfect amplifier output with speakers with imperfect responses produces two differing approximations of accuracy. Which, when combined together, work almost in tandem. But two wrongs cannot ever make a right! The Linn Klimax Solo 800 represents the pinnacle of efficient, consistent and accurate circuit design. With our combined digital and analogue expertise, we are able to effectively optimise and linearise every internal stage of an amplifier for consistently outstanding performance.

Adaptive Bias Control technology

Klimax Solo 800 utilizes our pioneering Adaptive Bias Control technology. By measuring, sampling, and digitizing current flowing through each of its 16 output transistors dynamically and in real-time. Therefore being able to establish optimal bias current for them all – dynamically and instantly!

Cool Runnings

Klimax Solo 800 excels at heat management. Smoothly driving even the toughest loads without resorting to an internal fan or compromising linearity. Effective heat coupling can be accomplished by directly mounting amplifier and power supply circuitry to highly effective large surface area heatsinks. This cooling design enables us to reach 800W into 4O speakers, and 1.2kW into 2O speakers without distortion or sound degradation. Temperature control within an amp ensures that its internal components remain constant even during loud or demanding passages of music, guaranteeing consistency, efficiency and longevity at all times.

Klimax Solo 800

Klimax Solo 800, Linn have designed an exceptional mono amplifier which outclasses its larger rivals for maximum speaker driving power under any given condition. Starting from £37,500, the Klimax Solo 800 delivers optimal speaker control in all situations. So to accomplish this goal, their electronic engineers took an approach grounded in both consistency and accuracy. The key elements to creating unadulterated power amp performance. Innovative technologies combine to produce incredible low distortion measurements with superb signal-to-noise ratio and efficiency. Normal setups expose interactions between speaker and amp that result in artefacts in music. With our focus on minimising distortion within our amp and producing consistently, Klimax Solo 800 introduces minimal harmonics or background noise into music signals, offering unparalleled listening pleasure. Klimax Solo 800 proves this theory wrong by doing everything right, every time. It simply consistently does all its jobs right!

Utopik-powered Klimax Solo 800

The Utopik-powered Klimax Solo 800 switch-mode power supply offers precision-regulated power rails for maximum output, at 2kW while still offering speed, responsiveness and efficiency. It maintains an extremely stable output voltage; rails perform consistently even under dramatic load changes. Furthermore, even when mains input fluctuates or changes over time, output remains steady and pure at all times. Utopik for Klimax Solo 800 takes another step toward minimising switching noise and improving efficiency by employing soft-switching; using a resonant tank circuit ensures voltage falls to zero before throwing a switch. Thanks to soft-switching, Utopik for Klimax Solo 800 remains whisper-quiet under all operating conditions – truly silent operation for maximum performance!

Key Features

Drives any loudspeaker without compromise Adaptive Bias Control Peerless, fanless heat management Soft-switching Utopik power supply generates ultra-clean and stable power Jewel-like Linn roundel communicates status via 100 individual cool-toned LEDs Call Now For Further Information on 01277 890 888

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