Linn Klimax LP12

Our Price: £18,670

The flagship Klimax LP12 turntable offers the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction today, setting the benchmark worldwide for all other turntables on the market.


Linn Klimax LP12

Over 40 years’ worth of research and development has gone into this latest evolution of the turntable that turned the hi-fi industry on its head back at the beginning of Linn’s journey to make better sound. Each precision-engineered upgrade has uncovered more music from the depths of the record groove.

It includes the best of Linn’s precision-engineered upgrades, and because it’s modular, you can update it whenever a new upgrade is released. A Klimax LP12 is an investment that will amaze and reward you for years to come.

It is available with a choice of solid wood plinths: Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut and Walnut.

  • Sondek LP12 turntable
  • Keel machined sub-chassis and armboard
  • Radikal motor control unit & power supply
  • Brushed DC motor in acoustically isolated housing
  • Ekos SE precision tonearm
  • Kandid moving coil (MC) cartridge
  • Urika MC phono stage built-in to suspended base

Technical Specification

  • Type: Turntable package
  • Dimensions: (h) 140 mm x (W) 445 mm x (d) 356 mm
  • Operating voltage 100 – 115 / 230 Vac
  • Operating frequency 50 / 60hz motor
  • Power consumption:11Va max
  • Platter 2 pieces, non-magnetic Mazak 8
  • Platter mat: felt
  • Main bearing: 1-point bearing, mirror finish, oil bath
  • Suspension: 3-point sub-chassis, 3 adjustable precision springs
  • Motor: high torque, 24 pole synchronous motor, fully screened and mechanically decoupled from main bearing
  • Speed options: 33 rpm and 45 rpm (use supplied adaptor for 45 rpm)
  • Drive: neoprene flat belt, concentric precision pulley
  • Plinth finishes: Black ash, American cherry, Rosenut, Maple and Walnut