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Aluminium base board Fixed feet for mounting on solid surface or suspended shelf

Linn Solid Baseboard for Sondek LP12


Sometimes it is necessary to replace the solid base board of your Sondek LP12 and when this time comes we can offer you a Linn branded replacement

We also stock other replacement parts, cables and accessories for your Linn system.

Sondek LP12 Baseboard

By adding a solid base to your LP12 you are increasing the strength of your turntable whilst developing the performance ability. Sometimes when your turntable is placed on top of a stand or cabinet the likelihood of your music sounding as good as a free standing system is highly unprecedented. The reason for this is the vibrations. They can cause damage to the music by interrupting the sounds through isolation. This baseboard is fitted onto the Sondek Lp12 base directly. Due to the challenging procedure it takes to set up the baseboard, we highly recommend a Linn specialist coming out to do so for you. Please speak to one of our team today to organise a set up appointment for yourself and your turntable.

Key Features:

—  Made From Aluminium —  Fixed Stand For Mounting on a Solid Surface —  Retro Fit-table to any LP12

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