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Artcoustic SL Bespoke Multi Sound Bar

Artcoustic SL Bespoke Multi Sound Bar


Bespoke Size Version of the Stereo Soundbar SL made in custom widths. Multi Soundbar SL – Artcoustic pioneered the concept of an all in one LCR (Left, Centre and Right) soundbar as far back as 1998, and the SL version is an evolution of this classic loudspeaker. Available in 4 standard versions, all feature clean discrete aesthetics with high output timbre matched performance. They can be used as a single LCR loudspeaker, or for more powerful systems, used as a single mono centre channel. The standard sizes are designed to complement today’s flat screens. Bespoke width options are also available.

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(987mm to 1223mm) – Black, (987mm to 1223mm) – White, (1225mm to 1448mm) – Black, (1225mm to 1448mm) – White, (1450mm to 1800mm) – Black, (1450mm to 1800mm) – White, Optional RAL Paint Finish, Optional Digital Print