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Linn Series 3 Partner Speaker

Linn Series 3 Partner Speaker


The Series 3 Partner speaker works alongside the main product to create a extraordinary stereo system. The beautifully designed speakers fit seamlessly into your home to enhance your everyday life with incredible music. With a simple set up, within seconds of opening the box you can be listening to your favourite pieces of music or even the TV in a quality you have never experienced before.

Linn Series 3 Partner Speaker – Wireless Partner Speaker

The Series 3 is the worlds best sounding wireless partner speaker. Now with a partner you can create your own stereo system to take your music to new levels.

The Aesthetics:

It’s beautiful, unusual architecture catches your attention immediately. The elegant, natural curves stand out but also due to the modern shaping still manage to blend in with your home environment. It has a glass touch control top plate lit by LED lights which indicate volume, as well as six numbered presets to provide a short cut option to listen to your favourite content immediately (we recommended using Linns app -it is simple to assign).  You can pin your favourite radio stations, tracks and content from other streaming services such as HDMI. The neat, well integrated control panel has a circular ring containing LEDs to provide you with the visual volume of the speaker. By tapping the volume up and down buttons you are able to change the volume then watch the ring move in the order of  volume up to the right or down to the left.

The Series 3:

The Series 3 itself is Linns first ever wireless speaker – and to no surprise it sounds incredible. The unusual design will look classy in any interior. Ensuring that it’s a sight for the eyes as well as the ears. It offers outstanding streaming abilities through WiFi and Bluetooth. The beauty of it is whilst still sounding incredible you are able to install the Series 3 by yourself. It doesn’t require a specialist to come out and do it for you. Which allows them to fit anywhere in your home and be able to provide a room filling sound to enhance your everyday with extraordinary music. The partner speaker is designed to created a music stereo system like no other. The unique size and shape allows the speaker to fit either side on your TV on a cabinet or shelf.

Please note that you are unable to operate this speaker without the main Series 3 speaker. Click here to view our main Series 3.

We have also wrote a blog on our review of the first Series 3 we received you can click here to view it.

Additional information

Main Features

On board amps, Exakt digital crossover

Speaker Type

2 way


Exakt Links X2

Space Optimisation


On-board Amps

2x100W Class-D

Power Consumption



Exakt Linear Phase Digital

Bass System

Augmented infinite baffle

Cabinet Finish

White Mineral Casting



Cabinet Volume

6.5 Litres


W: 250mm
H: 296mm
D: 206mm


6.9 kg