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Majik LP12

LINN Majik LP12


The Linn Majik LP12 turntable delivers premium audio performance at an unbeatable price, and after 35 years of production, it is the turntable by which all others are judged. Vinyl lovers of all ages can enjoy Linn’s high quality vinyl reproduction.

Majik LP12

Majik LP12 is the ideal first step into high performance vinyl playback, it uses carefully selected engineered components to let you experience the iconic in an affordable package. It includes Linn’s latest sandwich-construction aluminium sub-chassis, patented single point bearing, and internal low noise power supply. Krane tonearm and Adikt moving magnet cartridge complete the deck. Feature
  • Sondek LP12 turntable with Karousel Bearing
  • Aluminium Sub-Chassis and Laminate Armboard
  • Solid Aluminium Base Board
  • Internal power supply
  • Linn Krane Tonearm
  • Adikt moving magnet (MM) cartridge
  • 45 rpm adaptor
  • T-Kable Phono tonearm cable
Majik LP12 is a Sondek LP12 turntable packaged with internal Majik LP12 Power Supply, Solid baseboard, Adikt MM cartridge and Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm. All parts of the turntable have been meticulously designed and precision-engineered to extremely tight tolerances to extract as much as information as possible from vinyl. The sub-chassis is machine-pressed for strength and stability to provide consistency of platform for the armboard and bearing housing. The turntable uses a precision-machined pulley and Neoprene flat belt which is ground for consistency of shape and thickness for higher friction. The inner and outer platters are machined to the same tolerance for exact concentricity so that they maintain a consistent speed. They are suspended from a non-magnetic, heavygauge stainless steel plate – a rigid, stable platform for vinyl. The internal Majik LP12 Power Supply filters extraneous mains noise, reducing judder in the motor for stability of speed resulting in improved audio performance. The single-piece carbon-fibre formed armtube and headshell help to minimise resonance before it reaches the cartridge, and the inverted bearing design provides a solid armbase for stability of the tonearm. The turntable is housed in a strong, solid kiln-dried wood plinth, available in five finishes. Majik LP12 can be upgraded with any Linn turntable accessory, even to become a Sondek LP12 SE if you wish, and is the perfect source to partner Linn’s Majik range of components which combine premium audio performance with unbeatable value. Majik DSM 109 system sold separately Contact us today to organise your free demonstration. Find us on Facebook at Rococo Systems and Design

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