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LINN Akurate DSM

LINN Akurate DSM


Performance and flexibility combined

LINN Akurate DSM

Performance and flexibility combined

Stunning musicality combined with inputs for any external source make the Linn Akurate DSM a powerful addition to any music system. Featuring both Katalyst DAC Architecture and Space Optimisation technology, lets you hear all your music and movies like never before. Features
  • Features Katalyst DAC Architecture
  • Streams virtually any digital source over a standard network
  • Supports formats up to 24-bit 192 kHz
  • Space Optimisation built-in
  • Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming services
  • 14 digital & analogue inputs including HDMI 2.0 connections (4K compatible)
  • Surround Sound Processing available with upgrade
  • Front panel headphone output and AUX input
  • Analogue outputs for connection to pre- or power amps
  • Exakt Link for connection to Linn Exaktbox or integrated speakers
  • Built-in MC/MM phono stage for connecting a turntable
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Katalyst DAC Architecture


Virtually Any Digital Source Over A Standard Network


Formats Up To 24-Bit 192 kHz

Space Optimisation

Built In


Tidal & Qobuz

Digital & Analogue Inputs

14 – Includes HDMI 2.0 Connections (4K Compatible)

Surround Sound Processing

Available With Upgrade


Front Panel Output and Aux Input

Pre - Power Amps

Analogue Outputs For Connection To Pre Or Power Amps

Built In

MC/MM Phono Stage For Connecting A Turntable