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Linn Adikt Moving Magnet Cartridge

Adikt Stylus


Linn have a name for themselves in the area of vinyl transcription and this along with their extensive knowledge has created the Adikt cartridge.

The Adikt cartridge is a moving-magnet cartridge that generates a higher output than a moving coil cartridge and you can replace the styli.

Adikt Stylus

A replacement stylus for the Linn Adikt moving magnet cartridge. The Adikt Stylus is Linn’s newest moving magnet cartridge giving the audiophile a cost effective entry into the world of faithful and accurate vinyl reproduction. Our unrivalled pedigree in the area of vinyl transcription has resulted in a world-class product capable of a smooth and extended frequency response. The Adikt is a cutting edge product both in terms of design and precision engineering. It is easily mounted on a wide range of tonearms and forms the front end of any quality vinyl based system.

NOTE – This is the stylus only!

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