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Artcoustic ABS Three


With the Artcoustic ABS ONE, ABS TWO and ABS THREE, it is now possible to correct rooms with acoustic problems in a simple, efficient and visually attractive way. The ABS absorbers are easy to mount flat on walls or ceiling surfaces, eliminating acoustic problems, such as room reverberation and slap echoes. The ABS absorbers are designed as a layered construction of highly dense materials giving a maximum absorption coefficient from relatively small surfaces. Only a few ABS absorption panels will make a vast improvement in an acoustically reverberant room.

All images from the Artcoustic Art Portfolio and Match System colours are available on the ABS absorber range, creating freedom to design and integrate around existing room decoration and architecture.

Absorbtion Coefficient – 125Hz. 0.26 – 250Hz. 0.32 – 500Hz. 0.85 – 1kHz. 0.95 – 2kHz. 0.95 – 4kHz. 0.95 – 6kHz. 0.90 – ABS One Dimensions H: 1000 W: 750 D: 26 mm. Weight: 10Kg. – ABS Two Dimensions H: 1200 W: 430 D: 26 mm. Weight 7Kg. – ABS Three Dimensions H: 1800 W: 430 D: 26 mm. Weight 9Kg. Screens: Match System, Digital Prints and Pantone Colour

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