Niles Auriel Multi-Room

Niles Auriel

Multi-room audio…transformed

Why not enhance your lifestyle, increase your property value and enjoy all of your new digital music sources from anywhere in your home by installing a modern multi-room audio system. The new Niles Auriel MRC-6430 simplifies whole-home audio with expandable six-source, six-zone audio control running the new Auriel™ intelligent software.

Niles Auriel Multi-Room

Chances are, your home is the most important thing in your life. Whether it’s your first starter or ultimate dream-come-true masterpiece, your house sets the stage for the way your family lives and plays. That’s why you should consider personalizing your home by fine-tuning its ambiance to envelop your senses in every possible way. Blending high fidelity and architecture is one way to complement “your individual lifestyle.” Because it’s not just how your home looks, it’s also how it sounds that sets it apart and enables it to touch your family and friends is special ways.

Niles MRC-6430 is the first-in-its-class multi-room audio chassis that integrates multi-room audio and home theatre control in a way that is Both simple for the installer to set up and enjoyable for the homeowner to use. The enjoyment of the MRC-6430 stems from its ease of use in concert With its truly immersive nature. Customers will appreciate that the MRC-6430 lets them listen to all connected sources, in any room, at any time.

The Niles MRC-6430 multi-room audio controller delivers amazing sound throughout the home using a simple, intuitive user interface with options That include a handheld remote, a seven-button keypad pre-programmed for zones, and a choice of touch panel devices. The MRC-6430 may also Be managed from a variety of mobile devices like the iphone, ipad, Android phone and tablets, plus Windows or Mac based computers, that provide Not only control but display metadata such as play lists and album art – even station information. The intuitive interface renders identically across Devices enabling simple and convenient control by all.

For the first time in its history, Niles has introduced an intelligent software platform, known as Auriel, which has been designed as a scalable, Future proof systems for delivering a programming environment accessible by mobile phones, tablets or PCs and ensures a user experience that is consistent across all compatible interfaces.

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  • Chassis Control: Six unique zones with six distinct input sources. The Niles MRC-6430 is the leading solution for multi-room audio.
  • Integrating automatic and A/V control.
  • Source Control: Two-way metadata, IP and IR control of a variety of popular devices. Auriel includes an extensive pre-defined IR database.
  • Home Theatre Control: Manage audio and video components effortlessly and turn any home into an enviable oasis.
  • Easy Configuration: Tablet-based configuration eliminates hours of complicated programming. The Niles MRC-6430 wizard easily configures.
  • Macros, user interfaces and end user favourites in just minutes.
  • Mobile App: IOS and Android applications control the Niles MRC-6430 to queue up soothing sounds at a moment’s notice.
  • Best-in-Class-Software Platform: Niles Auriel software platform scales for feature expansion including lighting control and climate.
  • Thermostat control.
  • TCP/IP: A simple backbone for control with no proprietary wiring.
  • Meta Data: When connected to compatible devices Niles Auriel deliverers metabeta to the industry’s widest selection of user interfaces.
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