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Systemline 7 – Multi-Room HiFi System

Systemline 7 The very best installed multi-room Hi-Fi system

with the fastest, most powerful, yet easiest to use App control

S7 has been designed to offer the best possible home music and TV experience while discretely complementing the design of your home.

  • Up to 24 fully independent music zones (including outdoor)
  • Support for Hi-Res music storage and reproduction using S7 Netlink (up to 4 x CD resolution)
  • Streaming on-demand music services from Deezer, Tidal & Qobuz etc
  • Streaming radio services from BBC iPlayer (including 7 day catch-up service) TuneIn & Shoutcast
  • Digital music storage of up to 2TB including Hi-Res music files (24bit 192kHz flac)
  • Integration of whole house audio with a surround sound AV Receiver, simply use the App
  • 1 button selection of radio using in wall keypads
  • Fully customisable App optimised for all sizes of iPad & iPhones. Android App
  • Open integration with 3rd party lighting and control systems including Crestron, Control 4, RTI, Fibaro and Lutron

    Professional 6.5″ ceiling speakers

Use familiar remote controls

with the fastest, most powerful, yet easiest to use App control

The Q Acoustics 6.5” Professional in-ceiling single stereo speaker features the latest stereo speaker technology that so that you can enjoy great sound with minimal installation. They give you the ability to listen to music throughout your home, even in bathrooms as they are moisture proof. Now you can listen to the same music in many rooms, where before it was practically impossible due to the impractical nature of having the speakers dotted around in each room.

The advanced ‘Nano particle’ technology, incorporated into the cone material of the bass /midrange drive units of Q Install’s ‘Performance’ series loudspeakers, combined with numerous other enhancements, delivers clear sonic advantages. Now you can listen to the same music in many rooms, overcoming the impracticality of placing conventional, free standing speakers in every room.

We have designed S7 to work in harmony with the things you love to use, making it so simple to operate. TV sound from any room can be played through S7 just be using a Sky, Virgin Media or Humax remote control. Simply pick up the remote, turn on the TV, select the channel and alter the S7 from one remote control.

TV sound is automatic

When the TV is connected to S7, simply turn on the TV and the sound comes through the S7 connected speakers. It sounds so much better and can be completely automatic, most TV’s sets are compatible with our auto-switching method.

Integrate audio with home control

We have designed S7 to work in harmony with other systems you may have in the home such as lighting control or whole house automation. Our installers have all the tools and pre-written software modules so that controls in your home can operate lighting, curtains, temperature and music from one control panel.

Personal listening & streaming to Airplay speakers.

There is an in-App purchase for the NetMusic App which can convert the device in your hand in to a Player as well as a Controller. This means that you can play your S7 music through your mobile device. Just plug in a pair of headphones and enjoy your music without disturbing anyone. A further feature of this upgrade, is that you can stream content from your mobile device straight to any AirPlay enabled speakers. This is ideal for portable use, or in rooms which have not been wired for S7.

Home Cinema or Surround Sound Zone

The S7 Netlink is a perfect product allowing you to enjoy the music and radio in a room using a surround sound AV Receiver. When fitted, simply select the music or radio of your choice using the S7 App, sit back, relax and let Netlink take care of all the switching and volume, enjoy!

Enjoy high definition music

There is an increasing interest in what is becoming known as Hi-Res music formats which can offer up to 4 x CD resolution. And S7 is perfectly equiped to support Hi-Res music both in terms of storage and plaback

Sub-Zone feature – ideal for open plan living

There are times when you positively don’t want different sound in adjacent rooms and the obvious case in point is a kitchen and open plan dining or family room. With the S7 Sub-zone feature, you can share the sound playing in the kitchen whilst in the dining or family area, including any locally connected TV. This makes use of a keypad called the KPS3 which is fitted (in this example) in the dining / family area and provides basic control of the room, in the form of on/off and independent volume control.

Sleep and alarm

You can set an alarm in any room for any day of the week to turn onto the music or radio of your choice. We also give you a separate alarm turn on volume so that you are gently woken up in the morning. The sleep function allows you to set some music and then automatically switch off after a set time, especially good for playing children’s stories at night which turn off after 30 minutes.