Linn Klimax 350A Speaker

Our Price: £30,600

Uncompromising in every conceivable aspect, Linn Klimax 350 is the perfect playback solution for the highest quality source components.

All full-range Linn Klimax loudspeakers feature our unique 3K Driver Array technology, a beautifully machined die-cast array which improves high frequency performance and ensures the same level of audio quality throughout the room.


Linn Klimax 350A Speaker

Linn Klimax 350 Speakers are  a fully integrated Aktiv loudspeaker, with six channels of Linn’s patented Chakra amplification expertly housed within the sculpted cabinet. This means less visible cables and improved audio quality through the efficiency of this specially customised Aktiv design.

An Aktiv Servo Bass system precisely measures and auto-corrects the output to produce extremely accurate and musical bass performance. A passive variant of Linn Klimax 350 (featuring Aktive Servo Bass) is also available which allows you to use external amplifiers, with the option to go fully Aktiv with Linn Klimax 500 Solos and a Linn Klimax Aktiv Crossover.

The beautifully curved cabinet is hand-built by master craftsman and forms an eceptionally rigid shell for the drive units to operate with minimised resonance. With a plasma-cut stand machined from a single piece of armour-grade steel, Linn Klimax 350’s rock-solid stability helps produce an unsurpassed level of audio quality. Finished by hand and available in a range of stunning finishes, including high gloss and bespoke colour options, Linn Klimax 350 has the elegance to match its performance. With over 200 colour options available, you’ll find the right one to match your décor.

For a full 5.1 or surround sound experience for movies and multi-channel audio, partner your  Linn Klimax 350 with any of the otherKlimax loudspeakers in the range.

Complete your Linn Klimax system with loudspeakers which represent the ultimate in precision engineered performance and beauty.

  • Linn-designed 3K Driver Array for wider dispersion, precise high frequency response and single-point source accuracy
  • Aktiv Servo-Driven Bass system for more accurate bass
  • Chakra power amplification fully integrated on Aktiv models, more efficient than traditional Aktiv designs
  • Plasma-cut armour-grade’ steel plate loudspeaker stand for the floor- standing models, provides rock-solid stability
  • Standard and high gloss real wood veneer or bespoke colour finishes

Technical Specification

  • Type – Fully integrated Aktiv 6-way floor-standing speakers
  • Drive Units – 13mm, 25mm, 75mm, 165mm, 2 x 200mm
  • Operating Volume – 50 Litres
  • Crossover Options – Fully Aktiv
  • Crossover Points – 105Hz, 392Hz, 3.8Hz, 10.9Hz
  • Bass Roll-on – 19Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz
  • Frequency Range – 20Hz – 33Hz
  • Mains Supply Frequency – 50-60Hz
  • Mains Input Voltage – 90-135Hz, 180-265Hz
  • Magnetic Shielding
  • Weight – 54kg / 119lbs
  • Dimensions – 1130mm x 312 mm x 430mm
  • Standard Finishes – Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White
  • High Gloss Finishes / Available at an extra cost of £1,200.00