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Rococo Systems & Design are a premier Linn appointed specialist with over thirty years’ experience in Linn Hi-Fi products. Rococo offers a professional installation service for your Linn hi-fi system, ensuring that you get the best quality sound from your device.

The UK’s largest Linn Hi-Fi Supplier and Service Centre

With a wealth of knowledge about Linn systems and their integrated home systems, Rococo can advise the right products for your requirements and your interior layout. All products, including the Majik, Akurate, Klimax and Turntable models are all available to try before you buy, either at one of our demonstration facilities or in your own home.

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For help and advice on choosing the right home entertainment system for you, get in touch with the experts at Rococo Systems. You can contact us online or call us directly on 01277 890 888 at our Essex office,
or 020 7454 1234 for London.

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For 40 years Linn have produced quality hi-fi systems and continue to create innovative technology. The focus of all Linn Hi-Fi systems provided by Rococo Systems is to create systems that reproduce sound to the highest quality. Linn movie and music systems produce sound so accurately, it’s like having a live performance in your home every time. As a precision engineering company, the detail, attention, and care which goes into the production of each product is reflected in the sound quality and design of each entertainment system.

Linn Service and Repairs are available from Rococo Systems. All Linn products are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition upon installation, however wear and tear will often occur with use.

All repair and service work carried out by Rococo Systems is undertaken by Linn specialists and all products are repaired with Linn parts to ensure the smooth running of your system continues. Once a problem is diagnosed, the experts at Rococo will always get in touch to let you know the problem and how much it will cost before carrying out any repair work.

As most Linn products come with a 5 year warranty, should you have any issues with your Linn entertainment system, if it is under warranty any repair work and services can be carried out for free.

If you’d like to upgrade your system, you can trade in your current Linn equipment as a part exchange for a new model. We accept all Linn speakers, amplifiers, turntables and more as a part exchange for an upgraded system. The team at Rococo Systems will give you a value against the items you would like to buy, helping you save money on your new Linn system.

Get in touch with Rococo Systems on 01277 890 888 (Essex) or 020 7454 1234 (London) to discuss a trade in today.

Linn entertainment systems are installed with your home in mind. Designed to produce the best sound, the space optimisation technology within each system removes any sound disturbance your room creates. Rococo Systems can visit your home with Linn products to help you choose the best products for your surroundings.

Rococo Systems can install all Linn products to ensure you get the best space optimisation for your bespoke integrated home entertainment system. From home cinema systems to integrated music players and streaming devices, Rococo can recommend the products for your requirements.

To see the Linn entertainment systems in action, you can visit Rococo Systems at one of our two show rooms based in Essex and London. A member of the team can also visit your house with some recommended systems for you to try out before you buy.

For more information get in touch with Rococo online, or alternatively contact us on 01277 890 888 (Essex) or 020 7454 1234 (London).