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Linn LP12 Servicing and Repair

Linn LP12 servicing and repair Specialists Rococo systems and design

Linn LP12 servicing and repair on the longest lived Hi-Fi product of all time is the Linn Sondek. The Linn Sondek LP12 is an investment which you will want to cherish and pass down to the next generation for them to enjoy.

We have brought back to life more than 50 Linn LP12’s in the last year, although streaming is great fun and simplistic there is still nothing better than playing your Vinyl and sharing the memories you have with friends and family.

Linn LP12 servicing and repair

Rococo offers many services to LP12 owners such as:-

  • Full Servicing for your LP12 On/Off site
  • Setting Up On/Off site
  • We can supply new packaging and give advice on how to pack for moving home
  • All repairs No deck is too old
  • Give advice on upgrades
  • Installatio n of upgrades
  • Purchase any LP12 accessories you may require

If you are having any issues or would like to talk about upgrading your turntable please call us on 0207 454 1234 or 01277 890 888 Or complete the form.
Linn LP12 servicing and repair


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