Linn Service & Repairs

Linn Service & Repairs

Here at Rococo Systems & Designs we offer a Linn Care Service, this is something we highly recommend every 3-4 years to keep your honourable system sounding like the day it was purchased. We have Linn service centres based both in London and Essex for you to bring your products along to. Within our showrooms we have Linn authorised service and repair specialists who will always do their utmost to bring your products to life onsite. On the rare occasion of our specialists not being able to redeem your system, we may have to return it to Linn to work with, but we will have to confirm the fault beforehand.

Linn Service & Repairs

About Linn

Whether you’re a musician looking to buy some new kit or an enthusiast wanting to upgrade their home cinema system, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find what you’re after at Rococo Systems.

One of the best high quality Hi-Fi and audio equipment manufacturers are Linn, which you can buy online from Rococo Systems, and while all of our products are guaranteed to reach you in mint condition, you should always expect a certain amount of wear and tear over the years. Never fear though, as Rococo Systems are Linn service and repair specialists, so if worst comes to worst all you need to do is send your item to us and we’ll see what we can do to help.


As standard, our most basic service includes stripping down your system, replacing the old with the new, checking for any damages and deep cleansing everything inside and out. At this point it’s important to start thinking about whether it’s worth taking part in any upgrades as now would be prime time to do so.

Linn Warranty

Rococo Systems only use authorised Linn specialists in the repairing of all equipment sent to us, and we will never begin work without letting you know what needs doing and how much it will cost beforehand, although if your five year Linn warranty is still valid your works may be covered.

Nothing but Linn

The Rococo Systems service centre only uses Linn components when mending items, and we have had a very high success rate with this. Although, when we are unable to fully restore your equipment to its working condition, we are always happy to return it to Linn ourselves and  will report back to you with a full report on their findings.

Our Experience

Rococo Systems can also service your Linn products to ensure that they remain as good as new for as long as possible. We are one of the few companies to install Linn products such as the Linn Knekt multi-room system and have over 25 years experience of doing so.

Delivery Service

If you are unable to post your Linn item to Rococo or you would simply rather have someone come to you, we can have a Linn specialist with you as soon as possible, making your life that much easier.

Stock + Parts

Some of the parts that Rococo stock include Perspex lids, cartridge leads, cartridge protractors, drive belts, felt mats, hinges and adapters, so no upgrade is out of the question, and Rococo are always happy to advise you on the best parts for your specific requirements. You can even save yourself some money and buy a Linn Circus Kit from Rococo, which includes everything you need to upgrade your LP12, including an inner platter and spindle, the bearing housing, a bonded sub-chassis, multi-ply laminated armboard, 2 belts, a complete set of replacement sprints, all the grommets and replacement oil.

Linn Upgrades

Rococo can improve on your Linn equipment by upgrading it for you. We stock a huge range of Linn spare parts and upgrades, so nothing is impossible.

We specialise in upgrading and repairing Linn’s LP12, one of the best turntables available on the market, and always have a selection of items ready and waiting.

Contact us

For further information or to book a repair appointment with one of our specialists please call us on 01277 890 888 or email us at [email protected]

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