I’ve just got home and set up my turntable, put gaucho by Steely Dan on – it sounds fantastic !
I’m really pleased. Thank you very much for a great job

Mike Cameron

Sorry this is a bit late in the day, but I would just like to add my thanks to Anthony, who serviced my aging LP12 and gave great support with the addition of the Lingo 2. Anthony did a first class job with the LP12 service, the Lingo 2 and the replacement motor. The whole package now sounds superb. He also provided additional support for my arm set up and was keen to ensure I was 100% happy with my new set up. A total star and nothing was ever too much trouble. Can you please send on my thanks for his exemplary work.

Ian Bacon

Thank you once again! I truly value your time, expertise, honesty & service!

I hope you will see to the next service change!

Anthony Bird

Really happy with my new DS, and excellent service from Rococo who came and installed it for me, including software/hardware so that I may play great sounding music from all my devices (lap top, iPad, iPhone).

Kerry Bullen

Fantastic service from Peter and Mary as always. Started my Linn journey with Rococo 7 years ago and have been coming back ever since, most recently for Exakt Akubariks. Great stuff, highly recommended

Nathan W

Fantastic service from Mary and Peter over many years – helping to me to choose and upgrade an amazing Linn system!

Lloyd C

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