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QED Reference Evolution XLR

QED Reference Evolution XLR


QED Reference Evolution XLR delivers superior sound quality when connected between your analogue or digital device and your amplifier or receiver.

QED Reference Evolution XLR

Reference Evolution XLR  is designed specifically for the stereo transmission of line level analogue or digital balanced audio signals. This product utilises design concepts from the Reference Audio phono interconnect such as oxygen-free silver plated conductors and 24k gold plated connectors. This cable is ideal for connecting high-end Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs) to your amplifier or receiver using the AES3 connector. QED is proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all its cables.

Features and Benefits

 —  Symmetrical 99.99% silver plates oxygen free copper conductors to provide a low resistance audio path. —  Ergonomically sculpted zinc plated alloy barrel. Precision engineered reference level locking XLR connectors. —  Balanced hot, cold and screen construction. Balanced twisted pair geometry ensures full noise cancellation when used with the appropriate equipment. Can be used with balanced analogue audio or digital AES3 signals. —  100% coverage double electron-magnet screen. Protects delicate analogue signals against inference from external high voltages and currents.   24K gold plated XLR pins because gold does not tarnish it provides a long lasting low contact resistance. QED lifetime guarantee

What This Cable Can Be Used For

Connecting your CD player, DVD player, tuner and audio components (with an XLR connection) to your; amplifier or receiver.

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