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LSM-S-BE – Lift System Medium With Swivel

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The LSM-SBE TV Lift mechanism is the perfect mechanism when a compact swivelling lift also requires a screen enclosure to hide the connections at the rear of the TV. Ideal for use when the rear of the TV lift can be seen in a room the LSM-S-BE allows the cabinet maker to include a matching screen surround into their furniture design. With a fully programmable swivel of up to 180° this is a practical mechanism when there are different viewing positions required in one room. For an LSM-S-BE without Swivel see the LSM-BE.

  • Quiet and Smooth Action at Approximately 40mm(1.6″) per second
  • Full cable management
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • 24V DC motor – suitable for direct DC supply
  • Marine suitable robust beam
Colour Screen Height Max weight Screen sizes Control Options Movement Type
LSM-S-BE3 BLACK 564mm 50 kg 37-40” RS232/ Contact Closure/ IR Motorised
LSM-S-BE4 BLACK 615mm 50 kg 42-46” RS232/ Contact Closure/ IR Motorised
LSM-S-BE5 BLACK 675mm 50 kg 48-50” RS232/ Contact Closure/ IR Motorised
LSM-S-BE6 BLACK 745mm 50 kg 50-55” RS232/ Contact Closure/ IR Motorised
LSM-S-BE7 BLACK 855mm 50 kg 50-65” RS232/ Contact Closure/ IR Motorised

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