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Linn Utopik Power Supply Rococo Systems

Linn Utopik Power Supply


The Linn Utopik Power Supply Upgrade. Utopik represents the next-generation of Linn switch-mode power supplies with unmatched efficiency and responsiveness. Utopik has now become an integral component of every new Klimax DSM (start serial number 1587165), all variants of Selekt DSM, and Kustom DSM models. If you own an older compatible Linn product, Utopik could offer one of the best value upgrades available. Call 01277 890 888 to discuss a Utopik upgrade for your system and see and experience first-hand the difference it makes in performance and sound quality. Utopik can be purchased as an upgrade for several current and legacy Linn products: Klimax DS (all models), DSM (all models), Renew DS, System Hub and Hub Pro Hub models as well as Selekt DSM models. Teatrul Akurate DS (all models) DSM (all models), Exactbox-6/10 Akurate Kontrol CD8, Kustom DSM Z4/8; Majik DS; Unidisk Linn has introduced its first entirely new power supply topology since 2009. Linn’s groundbreaking, energy efficient, responsive and precise power supply design represents exceptional efficiency, responsiveness and precision regulation. Multiple feedback loops continuously measure output vs input at each stage of power supply, filtering out mains-borne noise and eliminating 50Hz hum even at extreme volumes. Linn Utopik Power Supply Upgrade comes equipped with intelligent Valley Switching. Power Factor Correction and precision-regulated and isolated power rails – these power supplies represent Linn’s cleanest and highest performing offerings to date.

Power is nothing without control

Therefore, multiple feedback loops monitor output versus input at every stage of power supply and continuously filter out mains-borne noise and 50Hz hum, even at high loads. Utopik is electrically cleaner and more energy-efficient at higher power levels than any power supply we’ve ever made before, benefitting the environment as well as your electricity bill. Efficiency also provides a measure of how effectively a power supply is performing – no energy is being lost as heat or noise and thus improving efficiency means improving electrical cleanliness as well.

Intelligent Valley Switching

Utopik is an extremely advanced switch mode power supply. In suboptimal systems, there is no way of controlling where in the input voltage waveform it switches mode power supply is active or when. With Intelligent Valley Switching Utopik’s advanced switch mode power supply you have control over where exactly it switches mode when turning input voltage waveform input voltage occurs and is switched back out again as needed. Utopik only throws the switch when one of these valleys has reached the floor, using intelligent monitoring and control to keep voltage as close to ideal as possible during switching – leading to significantly less switching noise than previous methods.

Utopik features

four separate power rails that have been meticulously regulated with different layers of precision regulation, each featuring its own feedback loop for controlled management and isolation. This provides improved isolation between noisy digital rails – such as processors that suddenly compute packets of data – and more sensitive analogue rails which feed components more prone to power fluctuations. So no matter what demand any component places upon them, these rails remain undisturbed. Switch-mode power supplies have become an indispensable component of modern technology. While operating, each one takes intermittent short bursts of current from the mains that produce acute current surges – creating mains-borne noise which affects other products on the grid through harmonic production. To mitigate these adverse impacts and ensure power is delivered reliably for other uses on the grid, power factor correction becomes important. Utopik modifies its current draw to correspond with voltage and spread it out over the duration of an AC waveform. Power Factor Correction allows current draw to be spread out more uniformly across the waveform, creating more even current consumption over its duration. Utopik makes use of Power Factor Correction so as to ensure its product does not cause distortions to the mains supply in its immediate environment – be that a room, building or beyond. Power Factor Correction (PFC) is another technology in the power supply chain that works to regulate voltage and ensure no ripples reach the final output stage of products as a whole. Utopik delivers the cleanest power possible to its downstream users. With consistent 400V output regardless of mains supply quality, this unit ensures power-chain operations run efficiently. Call us at Rococo Systems For any help or advice.

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