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Linn 520 Speakers

Linn 520 Speakers


Linn 520 Floor Standing Speakers from the Series 5 speakers collection.

Integrated Exakt speakers in Linn Collection Fabrik. 

  • Exakt technology built in for optimum listening experience. 
  • Connects via Exakt Link to any Exakt-enabled Linn networked music player
  • Fully Aktiv integrated Chakra power amplification
  • Choice of 6 standard Fabrik covers plus special designer collections available to personalise your 520 speakers to your room decor. 
  • Cut glass stand and top plate in choice of two finishes: black or white. 
  • The 520 speakers are fully integrated with an Aktiv loudspeaker and built in Aktiv Technology. 

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Series 5 – 520 Speaker

Compact and customisable

From £7,700
Enjoy all the musicality and finesse of an integrated Linn speaker packed with technology, in our most compact design yet. The Linn 520 Speakers are designed to be personalised for you and your home, the size and styling are subtle but the performance will stand out. With the same customisation options and integrated Exakt technology as its big sister, add to any Exakt-enabled Linn network music player and enjoy a complete and compact music system that exudes style and musicality. On-board Space Optimisation+ technology lets you place the Linn 520 Speakers where they fit best in your room; optimising the sound for your room’s characteristics and chosen speaker location.

Create your own look

Select your Fabrik cover, top plate and stand to personalise your speakers. With so many colours and textiles to choose from, and designer collections like Timorous Beasties, there’s a look to complement any interior. Fancy a change? All Linn Fabrik covers, tops and stands are available separately so you can refresh the look as often as you like.


Each Linn speaker contains features and technology developed by our engineers across years of industry-leading research and development.


Every Linn speaker has been designed and built to include features guaranteeing sound quality of the highest standard without compromising on the style and elegance you expect for your home.

Linn Fabrik

Linn’s unique Exakt technology models the effects of each Fabrik’s characteristics on the frequency and phase response of every drive unit in the speakers. Exakt’s digital crossover eliminates any unwanted distorting effects to ensure that no matter which Fabrik you choose, your speakers will produce the same breathtaking performance we designed here in the factory.

Linn Fabrik

To offer the unique style and customisation possibilities of Series 5, without affecting the performance, we came up with a new way to finish speakers — Linn Fabrik

Precisely Crafted Cabinets

For Series 5, we used a layered composite of 3 mm sheets. Using multiple thin layers actually increases the tensile strength and therefore rigidity of the material, while still preserving its acoustically dead properties. Combined with the braced construction, this results in a cabinet that doesn’t add unwanted vibrations and doesn’t ring, but does give the drive units an incredibly stable platform to work from.

Precisely Crafted Cabinets

The foundation of any good speaker design is an enclosure that lets the drive units work with maximum efficiency, without colouring the sound.

Integrated Exakt Modules

Each speaker has a module suspension-mounted on the back to acoustically isolate it from the cabinet. Packed inside are all the Exakt electronics and powerful amps needed to deliver the natural, effortless sound. Cooling is performed passively without any noisy fans, via the aluminium heat sink hidden behind the Linn Fabrik. Providing power and precision without any extra boxes, it’s our neatest integrated speaker design to date.

Integrated Exakt Modules

Each speaker has a dedicated digital crossover, volume control, digital-to-analogue converter and amplifier for every drive unit. So where are all the extra boxes and cables? That’s where Linn’s expertise in integrated speaker design comes in.

Custom-Designed Drive Units

The unique arrangement of tweeter and bass/mid driver on both models required customised drive units. The bass/mid driver uses a unique doped, dual-layer, sliced cone design and an anti-resonant chamber on the back of the high quality tweeter improves high frequency performance when used in conjunction with the familiar Linn ‘skoop’, producing outstanding dispersion characteristics.

Custom-Designed Drive Units

The ambitious design of Series 5 led to a unique set of requirements for the drive units that couldn’t be met by any existing specification.
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Additional information

Speaker Type

2-way floorstander

Space Optimisation

Space Optimisation+

Bass System

Ported Bass Reflex

On Board Amps



Exact Link x2

Cabinet Volume

20 litres


224 mm


892 mm


218 mm


18 Kg