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Linn Karousel Kit

Linn Karousel Bearing Kit


  • A Diamond-like carbon coating for reduced friction
  • The Stainless Steel Bearing design improves stability
  • Simple fit to any LP12

Linn Karousel Bearing Kit

New and Improved:

The Linn Karousel bearing kit offers a smoother rotation for an even better sound from your Sondek LP12.

A new take on the original bearing design. This has been made possible through new technology developments and engineering knowledge gained from half a century of designing the world’s best turntable.

The Design:

Inside the bearing, there is a new diamond-like carbon coating that reduces friction between the tip of the spindle and the base of the product. Reducing the noise floor of the turntable, to improve musical reproduction.

What Does It Do:

Using a Karousel reduces friction. This will result in not only your components having a greater lifespan but also your LP12 continuing to give you accurate listening pleasure for longer than ever before.

What’s Included?

The Linn Bearing Kit Includes a Linn Karousel bearing, inner platter and spindle, three springs, three large grommets, three small grommets, three washers, three locknuts, and an earthing wire. 

Installation Guide:

—  Step 1: Retrieve your sub-chassis from the supplied packaging, or for older models the deck. —  Step 2: Unscrew the provided bearing lock nut and imbed the bearing into the sub-chassis from underneath. Please ensure that the three lugs on the top locate into the three holes in the sub-chassis. —  Step 3: Secure the lock nut to the fortified part of the bearing and screw by hand until it clamps the sub-chassis to the bearing. You must make sure the three lugs on the bearing are located in the right position in the sub-chassis. —  Step 4: With a fitted torque wrench containing a 20mm socket, tighten the lock nut to a force of 4Nm for Kore/Majk/Keel sub-chassis, or 5Nm if your working on an older steel sub-chassis. —  Step 5: Refit the sub-chassis to the deck normally but with a new Karousel bearing attached instead. —  Step 6: With the Linn Oil fill the bearing with 25 drops (add more if needed) and then fit the inner platter onto the bearing. —   Step 7: After the inner platter is in place, remove and check the oil level on the spindle. The correct amount of oil should show 2mm from the base of the platter. Now your Karousel Bearing installation is complete!

Key Features:

  • A Diamond-like carbon coating for reduced friction
  • The Stainless Steel Bearing design improves stability
  • Simple fit to any LP12

Health and Safety:

The Karousel is compatible with all current and older Linn turntables. However, it must not be used with Nirvana or Valhalla, or 3rd Party clones. This could result in potentially fatal risks.

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