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Linn 360 exac

Linn 360 Integrated Exakt Loudspeakers

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Launch of the New Linn 360 Integrated Exakt Loudspeakers, pure quality. 360 is audibly invisible. It produces a performance with unprecedented clarity and realism, that’s entirely absent of sonic colouration. Incorporating innovative drive unit and amplifier technologies, 360 turns out Linn’s lowest ever levels of audible distortion. The honed curves of its cabinet are partnered with meticulously matched drive units to deliver the cleanest possible dispersion characteristics. All that is experienced with 360 is sound-stage; with vocals suspended in space, and true-to-life scale and depth leaving you utterly devoid of the sense you are listening to a pair of stereo speakers. The 360 is visibly remarkable. Its curvaceous cabinet, intricately machined trim, and range of dynamic finishes combine to present an overall aesthetic that is familiar, yet with ultramodern flair and contemporary class. Linn 360 loudspeaker different colours

Key points

Linn 360 Integrated Exakt Loudspeakers 360 Array drive units featuring cutting edge composites push all distortion out of band of human hearing Aluminium-magnesium alloy bass drive units produce precise piston-like behaviour; can be driven hard whilst remaining firmly under control All drive units made of hard alloys adding zero colouration or sonic signature to music Bass System – Power DAC technology combines DAC and amp into a single step, producing seismic, realistic and distortion-free bass 360 Array amplification features Adaptive Bias Control technology ensuring they behave at their absolute optimum in all scenarios Extraordinary dispersion characteristics result in precisely the same tonality from the speaker in every direction – reinforcing sound-stage Sumptuous form conscientiously follows function in a visibly remarkable aesthetic that breaks ground beyond traditional cabinet design.


4-way floor-standing speaker Exakt Exakt Digital Crossover 360 Array Class A/B with Adaptive Bias Control Power DAC Technology Bass System Room Correction: Space Optimisation+


Exakt Link: x 2 Binding Post: n/a XLR (for Aktiv Bass): n/a

Drive Units

Tweeter: 19mm Beryllium dome Midrange: 64mm thin-ply woven carbon dome Upper Bass: 190mm aluminium/magnesium cone Lower Bass: x2 220mm long throw aluminium cone


  • The Glasgow Collection:
  • Clyde Built, Single Malt,
  • Linn Heritage
  • Classic: Piano Black,
  • Alpine White
  • Custom: match any colour
  • Trim: Silver or Black Anodised


  • Cabinet Volume: 60 litres
  • Width (with stand): 411 mm
  • Height (with stand): 1141 mm
  • Depth (with stand): 484 mm
  • Weight (with stand): 70kg
Linn360_Clyde Built_KDSM Black_Wide_

Additional information


Clyde Built, Alpine White, Linn Heritage, Piano Black, Single Malt


Black, Silver