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New Complete Linn Klimax System

Complete Linn Klimax System

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 Complete Linn Klimax System

Setting benchmarks in audio performance, the award winning Complete Linn Klimax System is the perfect addition to any home. Inclusive of the newly manufactured Klimax DSM and its paired Klimax 350 speakers, this complete package has been crafted to produce the greatest sound quality to ever be heard. For those who are actuated to modern lifestyles this phenomenal system is the perfect companion. Whether you store your favourite tracks in the cloud or simply on your mobile device, the Klimax Hub can provide you with access to all the music you desire from just the touch of a button. Klimax 350 Speakers Setting benchmarks in audio performance the Klimax 350’s have been designed with the latest technologies to offer spectacular audio performance in all home interiors. To ensure there’s zero transmission lost from the second source and the Organik DAC, the speakers take a digital signal. This means the system can retrieve every single detail in the most natural respect. Flawless music performance relies on multiple technologies, Exakt being one of them. This unique to Linn device aligns every single music frequency, making them all arrive at your ear at once  in the same way you experience live real time musical performances. Every single room in the family home has been designed with different features, from windows at the rear to doors at the sides, each minute detail makes a large impact on the performance of your speakers. That’s why the Klimax 350’s use Linns smart Space Optimisation technology to enhance their performance based on the interior design of the room and your desired placement of the speakers. Klimax Hub Engineered to preserve every last musical detail, the Klimax System Hub player gives you access to networked music in the highest quality possible, from Studio Master downloads to streaming services and internet radio. Whether your favourite songs are stored on your spotify playlist or downloaded onto a master platform, the Klimax Hub can control the sound quality of every little detail Find us on Facebook at Rococo Systems and Design Contact us Here

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