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Akubarik System

Akubarik System


The Akubarik System, Combining a performance that will grab your attention with looks that won’t dominate your living space, Akubarik will reignite your passion for music, Hearing is believing.

Selekt DSM System Hub & Akubarik Speakers

Behind the elegant curves of the Akubarik speakers are a host of powerful technologies derived from our flagship Klimax system, Plus a few tricks of their own. The Akubarik’s bass system fires deep, powerful, and controlled bass. While the 3K driver array ensures stunning clarity from mid and high frequencies. Integrated technologies work together to complete the package. Power and intelligence built-in Linn’s innovative integrated speakers have power and intelligence built in. A specially designed module, suspension-mounted on the back of each speaker. This houses the best of our in-house technologies to optimize performance This gives you a deeper insight into your music,  while every room has its effect on your music, Akubarik utilizes our patented Space Optimisation technology to optimize performance. Based on the acoustic properties of your room and your desired speaker placement. Now you don’t need lots of hi-fis separates to make a great sound.

Selekt DSM: System Hub

Browse your digital music library, stream online music and video, and experience movie and game soundtracks. This is all rendered in exceptional detail by a Selekt DSM: System Hub. There is the option between two distinct enclosure models – Classic Hub or the luxurious, higher-performance Edition Hub. Selekt DSM: System Hub features a broad range of digital and analogue inputs, in order to receive, process, and expertly deliver audio from any source imaginable. The high-performance, integrated, analogue-to-digital conversion stage accepts anything from turntables to CD players. Having a host of digital connections allows connection from video streaming devices, game consoles, and Blu-ray players, ensuring you get the best possible sound from anything you connect.

Zero loss and perfect phase

Selekt DSM: System Hub is configured for use in conjunction with Linn’s own integrated Exakt loudspeakers, or 3rd-party loudspeakers via a Linn Exaktbox. The System Hub is the perfect choice for those seeking an all-Linn performance solution from the outset, incorporating the sonic benefits of our groundbreaking Exakt technology. Featuring Linn’s industry-leading DS technology, and with up to 24bit/384kHz and DSD256 streaming capability, every last musical detail is transferred to the speakers using our proprietary, lossless Exakt Link connection. Contact us today to organize your free demonstration. Find us on Facebook at Rococo Systems and Design

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