Linn Special Offers

Linn Ex Demo / Second Hand / Special Offers

A selection of top quality Linn ex-demo and pre-owned equipment is always available. This is often a very cost effective way to start or add to an existing Linn system. We also part exchange on any Linn items.

Below is a list of what ex demo/used/special offers are available to discuss any item further please call us on 0207 454 1234 or 01277 890 888 or email

Great sound shouldn’t be confined to one space

When your loved ones are home this holiday season, make sure everyone gets to hear the music they love by bringing Linn into more rooms of your home.

Add an additional Linn DS to your home and receive a complimentary second DS


The Great Exchange

Exchange your Linn disc player or preamplifier and get a fixed price off a new product*, for a limited period only.

  • £2,000 off Klimax Products
  • £1,000 off Akurate Products
  • £1,000 off Series 5 Products
  • £500 off Majik Products

Contact us to organise the exchange of your current product for the new product that is right for you, and bring even better sound into your home!

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Linn Exakt Range

  • Linn Exakt Akudorik Black Speakers
  • Linn Exakt Akubarik Oak Speakers Silver Arrays, unmarked with boxes.
  • Linn Series 530 exakt system various covers
  • Linn Series 520   exakt system various covers

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Linn Klimax Range

  • Ex Demo Klimax 350P Speakers Excellent Condition Cherry
  • Second Hand Linn Klimax Kontrol 1/D
  • Second Hand Linn Klimax Solos
  • Linn Klimax DS/3 Black
  • Klimax Chakra Twin/D  current with front switch.
  • Klimax Chakra Twin/D rear switch.


Linn Akurate Range

  • Linn Passive Akubariks  Walnut/Black arrays.
  • Linn Akurate 2200 Amplifer Black
  • Linn Akurate DSM
  • Linn Akurate 4200 Amplifier


Linn Majik Range

  • Linn Majik 6100
  • Linn Majik 109
  • Linn Majik 140
  • Linn Majik DSM Black X 2
  • Linn Majik LP12 all inclusive turntable package
  • Linn Sneaky DSM


Terms & Conditions
The Great Exchange Promotion

  1. This offer runs from 3rd July 2017 to the 31st August 2017 inclusive. Only orders placed during this period will be eligible for the promotion.
  2. Under this offer, customers are entitled to a set reduction off the suggested retail price of any of the following product ranges when they trade in any of the Linn legacy products listed below in point 3.
    • Klimax, Akurate, Majik DS or DSM (*exclusions apply)
    • Klimax, Akurate, Majik Amplifiers
    • Klimax, Akurate, Majik Exaktbox
    • Klimax, Akurate, and Series 5 Loudspeakers

    * Klimax Exakt DSM, Akurate Exakt DSM, Majik Loudspeakers and Majik Exaktbox Sub are excluded from this offer

  3. Linn legacy products
      • Akurate CD
      • Majik CD
      • Ikemi
      • Genki
      • Karik
      • Mimik
      • Classik Music
      • Unidisk 1.1, 2.1, SC
      • Classik Movie, Movie 05
      • Klimax Kontrol
      • Alurate Kontrol
      • Majik Kontrol
      • Wakonda
      • Kolektor
      • Kairn

4. Full promotion only available in Europe and North America. Majik level is not included in the promotion outside these regions.

5. Discount prices shown online are recommended only and variations may apply.

6.This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, special discount or demonstration discount.