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Rococo Systems and Design are Hi-Fi specialists

Hi-Fi Systems

With over 20 years experience in Hi-Fi it goes without saying we love to talk about music and the pleasure it brings to us.

We believe in real Hi-Fi and want our customers to get the best out of their system. If you want we can recommend a full system that has the ability of future upgrades and add ons or you may just want a streaming device and a pair of speakers or a turntable.

At Rococo we can accommodate all budgets coupled along with the highest levels of customer service. Call us today and see what system is good for you.[vc_row row_type=”2″ video_fullscreen=”true” blox_bg_attachment=”true” blox_cover=”false” blox_repeat=”no-repeat” blox_dark=”false” parallax_speed=”6″ process_count=”3″ video_type=”video/youtube” video_pattern=”true” blox_bgcolor=”#ffffff”][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

Hi-Fi Systems From Rococo

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Artcoustic Hi-Fi

Artcoustic have been designing ground breaking, innovative, world class loudspeakers since 1998, constantly pushing the limits of convention and the status quo. Artcoustic is the first to transform the conventional loudspeaker with a modern look.

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PMC Loudspeakers

The twenty™ series is the next generation of simply elegant, handcrafted British loudspeakers that follow in the lineage of world-wide acclaimed PMC designs. With PMC’s innovative ATL™ technology they provide an effortlessly natural, rich, room filling sound.

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