Pro-ject Xperience 2-Pack

Pro-ject Xperience 2-Pack


The highly acclaimed Pro-Ject Xperience turntable in the stylish acrylic finish, supplied with a Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution Carbon Fibre tonearm and Ortofon 2M Blue MM Phono Cartridge. A fantastic and highly-praised combination, suitable for a wide variety of listening styles.

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Key Features:

  • Turntable package offering exceptional value for money
  • Pleasing acrylic design with audiophile technologies employed throughout
  • Rigid, one-piece carbon fibre tonearm
  • Pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Blue MM cartridge

Technical Data:

Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM
Dust Cover: Yes, Supplied
Record Clamp: Yes, Supplied
Aluminium Cones: Yes, Sorbothane-Damped
RCA Phono Sockets: Yes, Gold-Plated
Speed Variance: ± 0.5%
Wow & Flutter: ± 0.08%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -70dB
Platter Weight / Diameter: 2Kg / 300mm
Tonearm: Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution
Effective Arm Length: 9″ (230mm)
Effective Mass: 8.5g
Overhang: 18mm
Headshell: 0.5″ (12,7mm) Standard
Supplied Counterweight: For Cartridge Weights…
6 – 10g
Pre-Fitted Cartridge: Ortofon 2m Blue
Output Voltage: 0.5mV
Stylus Type: Nude Elliptical Diamond
Aluminium Cantilever
Tracking Weight: 1.8g / 18mN (Recommended)
More Cartridge Info: Click Here
Power Supply Type: Outboard PSU
220 – 240V, 50Hz Input
Output Voltage: 16V / 500mA AC
Power Consumption: 2W
Dimensions: 460 x 390 x 460mm (Lid Open)
460 x 133 z 360mm (Lid Closed)
Weight: 7.7Kg
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