Linn Akudorik

Linn Akudorik


Linn Akudorik Speakers are a incredible performance bookshelf speaker. Akudorik Passive is also the ultimate upgradeable speaker, ready to go Exakt.


Linn Akudorik Speakers

Linn Akudorik Speakers are the first speaker of its kind. Providing a highly innovative design in order to integrate the same Exakt technology found in the Akubarik with a stand-mount speaker.

Imagine  a speaker that doesn’t follow any conventional rules and yet makes so much sense when you see and hear it. This is the solution. The Exakt version uses the stand to house the amps and Exakt electronics, while the Passive version can be upgraded using this same stand, or using external amps and a Linn Exaktbox.

Whichever you choose, you’ll hear a performance that will broaden your perception of what’s possible from a speaker.


The Exakt Akudorik Speakers are beauty’s. They are the first speaker of its kind. The unique stand supports the speakers as well as holding inside the quartet of Linns Chakra power amps. Plus the Exakt processing engine. The remainder of the electronics are contained inside the casing at the centre of the main column.

The Akudoriks are compact. They are just 35cm tall, so they wont dominate your room. In addition the speaker comes in a range of six high grade finishes; Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut and White. Additionally, these options are available in standard or high gloss. Still not satisfied? We can also offer a range of 200 premium high-gloss colour options. So really, you’re 100% guaranteed to find one that suits your home!

Normally speaker positioning would be a huge issue. But  the Akudoriks have allowed this to be a myth. Using Linns Software (Konfig – available on there website) you can make your speakers optimised for all spaces in the room. This unique flexibility available with Linn is generally unheard of.


Overall this is an astonishing system. There is such detail and focus through every sound. With an experienced composed performance the system is able to track instrumental strands with ease.

Key Features:

  • Quality passive crossover
  • Able to upgrade
  • Designed 3K driver array
  • HF response plus single point source
  • Paper cone bass driver with symmetrical balanced drive
  • Provides an even force to the coil in all directions
  • Standard/High Gloss/Real Wood Veneer/Bespoke Finishes
  • Optional stand providing solid support
  • Choice of chrome or black finishes on the 3K array

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Additional information


White, Oak, Black, Cherry, Rose, Walnut, Piano Black


Black, Silver


Passive, Integrated Amp


Fully Aktiv loud speaker with Exakt technology built into the stand

Main Features

Exakt – Yes
On-board Amps – Yes
Crossover – Exakt

Speaker Type


Space Optimisation

Space Optimisation +


Exakt Link – x2
Banana/Spade – None

On-board Amps

4×100 W


Exakt Digital

Bass System

Ported Bass Reflex

Drive Units

Super Tweeter – 13mm Silk Dome
Tweeter – 25mm PU Dome
Midrange – 75mm PU dome
Bass – 165mm Doped Paper Cone

Standard Finishes

Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White

High Gloss Finishes

Piano Black, Rosenut, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, White

Custom Finishes

Yes – match any colour


Width – 304mm
Height – 958mm
Depth – 388mm


23kg (enc. stand)