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Fyne Audio F3-8 Subwoofer

Fyne Audio F3-12 Subwoofer


The F3-12 subwoofer delivers blockbuster bass performance thanks to their innovative DDX Direct Digital amplification, advanced DSP and Fyne’s know-how in driver and cabinet design. Boasting a wealth controls in an understated black ash finish with removable grilles, the F3-12 subwoofer delivers class leading performance and system integration at the price. 

Fyne Audio F3-12 Subwoofer

Luxury home cinemas start with low frequency effects; heavy, dominant bass designed to instil excitement, create life-like environments or immerse you into the action. The subwoofers provide exceptional bass performance thanks to their innovative DDX Direct Digital amplification, advanced DSP and Fyne’s know-how in driver and cabinet design. 

The Cabinet 

From the floor upwards, the F3-12 subwoofer cabinet expands with exclusive design features. The compliant feet connect the subwoofer to the floor, offering a steady room interface while being sympathetic to solid floor surfaces. The F3 Series’ large diameter port uses a mathematical-derived flare profile at both ends for remarkably low turbulence. The cabinets are crafted with heavyweight and braced MDF panels to reduce colouration and finished in a subtle black ash detail to ensure they are heard and felt, yet not seen.           

The Control 

The F3 Series cutting edge electronics and DSP engine have enabled control features normally only found in much more expensive subwoofers. The DSP controls both LFE input and stereo input 85Hz low pass filters, automatic dynamic range management and overload protection, as well as enabling Fyne’s Bass Boost function. Engaging the Bass Boost switch delivers a +3dB lift through critical movie LFE frequencies to deliver real cinema movie performance in the home. For ease of integration with the widest range of AV systems, F3 Series subwoofers offer continuous or signal sensing auto power on modes, a 12V trigger and phase reverse switch.

Driver Technology

Fyne’s front mounted F3 Series drivers deliver the utmost in fast transient attack to make powerful low frequency effects come alive. The cone material is formed with a unique mix of fibres to create a light, rigid and near perfect still diaphragm for supremely detailed bass. Fyne’s soft rubber roll surround and deep coil and motor assembly give the cone extensive excursion and high-power handling. The result is a range of affordable subwoofers with stunning dynamics and the capability to produce low frequencies down to a class-leading 30Hz (F3-12).


Direct Digital Amplification (DDX®) is a patented, all-digital, high efficiency amplifier technology designed specifically for multimedia applications. DDX is similar to a standard Class-D digital amplifier but improves upon the design with higher power, better efficiency, lower RFI output and enhanced sonic characteristics. The result is a clean, muscular sounding amplifier with plenty of headroom for the biggest explosions and vanishingly low distortion right down to the F3 Series’ lowest operating frequencies. Speak to one of our Fyne Audio specialists today to schedule your one to one Fyne Audio F3-12 SubwooferDemonstration. 

Additional information

Output Power


Enclosure Type

Vented, downwards firing

Enclosure Volume

26 litre (0.92 cu. ft.)

Bass Boost (+3dB)

40 – 70Hz

Low Frequency Response (-6dB typical in room)


Drive Unit Complement

200mm (8”)


2 x Phono L & R stereo, 1 x mono LFE

Input Filter

80Hz 2nd Order Low Pass, with LFE Provision

Standby Power Consumption

<0.5W (ErP Approved)

Mains Voltage

220-240V / 50Hz Nominal

Maximum Power Consumption (Watt)


Auto Mute

After Approximately 10 mins in Absence of Input Signal

Dimensions - HxWxD

390 x 280 x 328mm (15.4 x 11.0 x 12.9”)

Weight - Each

13kg (28.7lbs)