Upgrade with Exaktbox for less

Linn Exaktbox Upgrade!

Grab the chance to upgrade your Klimax or Akurate network music player for less when you buy an Exaktbox this summer.

Upgrade your system with an Exaktbox and hear each note, and all the harmonics, played perfectly in time, revealing the natural sound of every instrument.

Dedicated Exaktboxes paired with separate amplifiers give you all the benefits of Exakt, together with the flexibility to choose the performance level you want from each part of your system.

You can keep your current speakers or even change them in the future* and still enjoy the unique linear phase performance provided by Exakt, thanks to the fully programmable digital crossover on board every Exaktbox.

This summer, it’s easier than ever to make the move to Exakt. We’ll upgrade your current Klimax DS, Klimax DSM, Akurate DS or Akurate DSM to the latest version featuring Exakt Link connections:

Free when you buy 2x Klimax Exaktbox

Half price when you buy a Klimax or Akurate Exaktbox

In addition, when you upgrade you can opt to re-use your current electronics in a Renew DS or Renew DSM.

Klimax DS and Akurate DS owners can also opt for a DS to DSM conversion for half price when buying Klimax Exaktbox or Akurate Exaktbox.