Linn Power Amplifiers

A power amplifier strengthens the signal received from the pre-amplifier, making it suitable for driving loudspeakers. Linn power amplifiers accurately strengthen the delicate signal from the pre-amplifier and offer the unique ability to further upgrade performance as your system develops.

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Power Amplifiers by Linn

Linn Akurate Power Amplifier

All Linn Akurate power amplifiers feature high quality binding posts and are available with either balanced or unbalanced connectors.

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Linn Klimax 500 Solo

The Linn Klimax 500 Solo is a high performance single speaker power amplifier designed for use in multi-amplifier entertainment systems.

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Linn Klimax Chakra 500 Twin

The Linn Klimax Chakra 500 twin has been designed for use as a stereo amplifier. This Linn amplifier delivers an incredible yet pure sound.

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Linn Majik Amplifier

The Linn Majik power amplifier takes advantage of the 3 decades of design innovation & advancement that have happened at Linn.

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