Klimax Exakt Crossover

Our Price: £12,000

Six channel Exakt digital crossover & DAC box

Enjoy the most natural sound available by upgrading your system with Klimax Exaktbox. The on-board Exakt digital crossover delivers the most natural sound available by perfectly aligning all the frequencies produced by each note—just like live music. Combined with our Katalyst DAC Architecture, you’ll experience an even greater insight into your music.


Linn Klimax Exakt Crossover

Klimax Exaktbox also features a transformer-isolated balanced output stage, derived from our reference Klimax DS player.

Add a Klimax Exaktbox and upgrade a two or three-way speaker. Or go for ultimate performance and use one per speaker, giving you the capability to upgrade any four, five or even six-way speaker.

Find out more about what Exakt can do for your system.

A Katalyst Upgrade for existing Klimax Exaktboxes is available.

  • 6 channels
  • Features Katalyst DAC Architecture
  • 1 Exaktbox supports up to 3-way speakers (stereo mode)
  • Supports up to three-way dual mono
  • 2 Exaktboxes support up to 6-way speakers (mono mode)
  • Enclosure machined from solid aluminium
  • Linn Dynamik power supply