Linn Custom 104C

In-wall & in-ceiling loudspeaker

Linn Custom 2K 104C features 2K driver array technology derived from Linn’s reference loudspeakers. This technology houses two high-frequency drive-units – a tweeter and super-tweeter – in a dedicated cast alloy chassis, ensuring wonderfully clean and pure high frequency. Improved dispersion characteristics allow greater flexibility when positioning the loudspeakers and an optional bass port is available for enhanced bass performance.


Linn Custom 104C Loudspeaker

The Linn Custom 2K series of loudspeakers incorporates an optimised acoustic enclosure to ensure a consistently high performance regardless of the wall or ceiling type.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to a new and improved installation mechanism, reducing time spent on-site and minimising disruption around the home.

The Linn Custom 2K series includes larger 106C loudspeakers, which allows the perfect combination of loudspeakers to be deployed in the available wall or ceiling spaces.

The Linn Custom 2K series has been designed to fit discreetly into any home, sitting flush with walls or ceilings to ensure an almost invisible installation. The loudspeakers are available in white but the grilles and surround can be painted to match any decor.

Linn Custom 2K is part of Linn’s Sekrit range of DS players and loudspeakers, designed and engineered to provide the highest quality of discreet multiroom audio entertainment around the home.

  • 2K driver array technology for clean and pure high-frequency reproduction and even dispersion for flexible positioning
  • Acoustic enclosure for consistent high performance
  • Easy-to-install design allows loudspeakers to be quickly front-fitted
  • Optional bass port for enhanced bass performance
  • High quality audio connectors accept a range of standard loudspeaker connections
  • Can be made Aktiv quickly and easily for even higher performance
  • Solid and cavity wall backboxes and rough-in brackets available
  • Paintable grille and enclosure
  • Available in round or square options, Linn Custom 104 loudspeakers are excellent full-range loudspeakers for installation in walls or ceilings.


  • Type 3-way loudspeaker with a sealed acoustic enclosure
  • Frequency response 100 Hz – 20 kHz ± 3 dB (passive and Aktiv)
  • Input impedance 6 Ω Sensitivity 87 dB / 1 W / 1m
  • Wiring options Single wire
  • Aktiv Drive units 16 mm soft dome tweeter 30 mm soft dome mid 130 mm screened bass unit Aktiv cards (optional) CHAKT41 Chakra Aktiv module for Custom 2K 104C-R & 104C-S Bass (mono)
  • CHAKT42 Chakra Aktiv module for Custom 2K 104C-R & 104C-S Mid (mono)
  • CHAKT43 Chakra Aktiv module for Custom 2K 104C-R & 104C-S Treble (mono)
  • Product dimensions: 104C-R: 200 mm (Ø), 104C-R: 7.9 inches (Ø), 104C-S: 200 mm (H) x 200 mm (W), 104C-S: 7.9 inches (H) x 7.9 inches (W)
  • Cut-out dimensions 176 mm (Ø) x 93 mm (D) 6.9 inches (Ø) x 3.6 inches (D) Mounting depth 97 mm, 3.6 inches
  • Weight 1.6 kg, 3.6 lbs
  • Fire rating UL94V0