Linn In Wall & In Ceiling Speakers

Linn’s in-wall and ceiling speaker selection will give you endless possibilities when your planning the sound layout of your room or installation.

Don’t forget, we have been installing music systems in homes across the UK for over 30 years. So if you need advice on making the right choice, call us on 0207 454 1234 and we will be more than happy help out!

In Wall & Ceiling Speakers by Linn

Linn Diskreet

The Linn Diskreet loudspeaker is a high performance, symmetrical dispersion, general purpose, compact, versatile and easy-to-install in-wall or in-ceiling component.

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Linn Sekrit IW10

Linn Sekrit IW10 loudspeakers are perfect for rooms where only the exceptional audio performance should be on show. Linn Sekrit IW10 delivers exceptional audio performance.

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Linn Custom 106C

Linn Custom 106C is an exceptional full-range LCR loudspeaker for seamless in-wall and in-ceiling installation. 106C can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

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Linn Custom 104C

Linn Custom 2K 104C represents an effortless solution for discreet high performance audio from powerful loudspeakers that blend seamlessly into walls and ceilings.

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Linn Sweetspot Miniature

Linn Sweetspot is a very small high performance recessed loudspeaker which fits naturally into rows of halogen downlighters and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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