Linn Exakt Upgrades

Linn is driven to continually improve its products and wherever possible makes these improvements available to Linn owners to upgrade their systems. This means that purchasing a Linn HiFi system is an investment that will stand the test of time. The Linn Upgrades from Rococo Systems enable you to combine the newest Linn technology with the sound system you know and love, creating the best sound quality possible.

As a Linn specialist, Rococo Systems and Designs can help you figure out the best upgrades to enhance your current system and make the most from it.

Linn Exakt Upgrades Range

Linn Klimax Exakt 350 Upgrade

The Linn Klimax Exakt 350 Upgrade converts a standard, analogue Linn Klimax or Linn Artikulat 350 or 350A into a full Linn Klimax Exakt system.

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Linn Exakt Akubarik Upgrade

This upgrade consists of an Akurate Exakt DSM, a pair of Exakt Akubarik speaker modules and Linn 3K arrays for your existing speakers.

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Linn Klimax Exaktbox Upgrade

The ultimate upgrade for any Linn Klimax separates system, Klimax Exaktbox delivers all the benefits of Exakt technology to your speakers.

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Linn Exakt Dorik Stand Upgrade

Exakt Dorik stands support Linn’s Akurate 212 speakers and come with a pair of 8-way speaker cables to connect the stand and speaker.

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If you currently own a Linn HiFi system and would like to find out more about the upgrades available, book an appointment to meet with a specialist at our London or Essex show room today. You can call us directly on 01277 890 88 (Essex) or 020 7454 1234 (London.) or get in touch online.