Linn Akudorik Passive Stands (Pair)

Our Price: £750

Precision engineering processes similar to those used in the Akurate range have been applied in the development of the new stand.

This stand provides a strong foundation for the book shelf speaker, improving overall performance and musicality. Supplied in a pair these are high quality rigid stands.


Linn Akudorik Passive Stands (Pair)

We’re delighted to announce that Akudorik Passive loudspeakers are available to order now.

These elegant and beautifully-styled loudspeakers will make a welcome addition to any music lover’s home.

In its standard passive configuration, Akudorik’s performance belies its compact size.

When upgraded to Exakt, its performance is truly stunning.

It provides the greatest flexibility in the journey towards Exakt, whether you add the integrated Exakt Dorik Stand or choose separate amplifiers and an Akurate Exaktbox.

Akudorik Passive features the same Linn 3K Driver Array technology and complex laminated cabinet construction as found on both the Exakt Akudorik and its bigger brother, Exakt Akubarik, providing outstanding dispersion and damping characteristics.

Akudorik Passive is available in a range of real wood veneer finishes or any customised high gloss finish. The optional aluminium stand has been designed specifically for this speaker and is available in black.