Artcoustic Impact Series

Nearly 20 years of subwoofer technology and acoustic evolution, has merged into the most advanced and powerful subwoofer series ever produced by Artcoustic
By mixing our early Q and Pressure Control technology and the later X2 bass system, we have ended up with something truly unique.
The new technology and design addresses the issue of depth and power vs cabinet size, with an impressive F3 and F6 point due to multiple coupled 10” bass units, phase optimisation and controlled frequency overlap

The Impact 1 feature one high quality 10” bass unit, within a highly tuned, yet elegant, cabinet.

The Impact 2 uses a 2 x 10” bass unit configuration utilising our new design technology, and delivering power and depth
equivalent to a 15” bass unit

The Impact 3 boasts 3 x 10” bass units also using the new design technology, and delivers performance similar to an 18” bass unit.

The new design technology allows this performance to be possible in a cabinet much smaller than would otherwise be required, alongside higher sensitivity, better heat dispersion and improved F3 and F6 points, operating all the way down to 15Hz.

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